Do you eat while reading? If so, you might have noticed the phenomenon I’ve noticed: sometimes you can eat an entire meal without even really tasting the food. This applies to a lot of things in our lives: we can spend an hour with our family without really talking to them. We can go to a park or the beach, and not really notice the things around us. Here’s a tip that seems so simple. and yet can be difficult to maintain in daily practice. STOP and notice what you are doing in this moment.

Become more aware of the present, instead of always thinking about the past and the future. This is hard to do throughout the course of a day, but being perfect isn't’  the point. Stop and do it once in awhile, at different times of the day, and just notice the little things. And enjoy them. Cleansing can be a great way to STOP and notice the little things and reap the benefits of a tune up from within.

This inside the body tune-up is very unique, with the intention of noticing the little things, being grateful and making you aware of the statement given by Paracelsus the 15th century physician and father of body chemistry who said “Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within.”

Although this is not 100% pure water only fast, it does give you a taste of how the body can feel after the garbage has been taken out!  I have Included, many different cleansing options in the book that include, cleanses like the: Quick Start/Clean Start G Cleanse, where you can eat the whole time you are cleansing...yes you read right.  eat what ever you  want and still get the benefits of a full body cleanse!  There is a Mental Detox  Cleanse that is so amazingly simple that  you will want to try it ,just to see if it really works! 

The California Jump Start Weekend Cleanse or Level 1 G Cleanse is so easy to do and you will get results beyond what you expected and I've included a Life Laundry Detox Day: Get Your Affairs in Order Each Week to Clear Your Mind. Designating a day to put your affairs in order — a weekly “Life Detox Day” — is a great way to straighten things up in your life, get your mind clear, and make you feel like a new person.

The 14 day, I  Want My Body Back Cleanse is the most popular, easy to do and delivers  results that are mind blowing for all who  complete it!   read Diane's story

Some of the other G cleanses offer different levels of fresh  life giving soups,  organic raw shake mixes, great tasting cleansing and detoxifying teas,  energizing green drinks that don't taste green ( fresh, exciting juices (like our  organic spinach,pear, mint Mojito and  our Signature Gratitude Green Nectars ),  electrolyte balancing coconut waters,  superfood infused waters, and  some very easy life changing gratitude exercises . I guarantee you will experience a clarity and a  high like never before!  
This is about you, your life, and the body that you occupy to live this life. So make this a fun experience! If you have a company, team members at the office, or particular family member in mind who needs a tune up too why not enlist them to share the experience with you? It could open up all kinds of possibilities, and fun! This is more than just a not eating food thing. It is a chance to get in touch with you again. So, why not embrace it for what it could and will be. 

Most of you who have never done this before will have some doubt at your ability to go without solid food for 10 hours let alone 24-72 hours. This need not be a dull and lonely experience. Something wonderful is about to happen to every aspect of your mind, body and spirit.  to add text.
This break from all the food that has been clogging you for months and for some of you years will have the most amazing and positive effect on you and your life. Your body is going to get the chance to actually do what it is designed to do. Take out the trash. So you have to take the time to plan your inner shower, read up on what you need to buy, make the necessary appointments and get ready to have a high like you have never experienced.  Click through all the links below to learn about and order your  the eBook and products depending on which level you choose if you want your Gratitude cleanse delivered to your home or office.

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  The G Cleanse Lifestyle
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The Key Is
Cleansing could not have a better definition than this “nature’s way of performing surgery.” When you fast from solid foods you are shutting it all down (digestive system) so that all your energy that usually goes to digesting food is now going to go towards healing your body at a cellular level. That means activating the body’s waste management system and taking out the trash!

Your body was and is designed to heal itself, but is not often given a chance to do so. You are always busy meeting your family, social and work calendar and filling it full of all kinds of foods and drinks forcing it to spend the energy on many of your life’s stressors, other than healing you.

One of the things clients always talk about with me is their busy lives and their very busy schedules. They really want to try the cleansing thing but can’t find the time. I always give them this analogy “You are the president of you incorporated are you not?”  Then you need to make an executive decision for the “health of it” and find a way to set some time aside. You are responsible for your results; no one else has that power but you so make a decision. add text.
  "When you are Grateful Fear Disappears and Abundance Appears" ~ Anthony Robbins
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