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I most recently finished a 10 day, I want my body back cleanse using  an amazing organic raw food mix Ingo suggests in the book  as my primary food source. I replaced both breakfast and lunch with  this raw meal based smoothie. and then followed Ingo's suggestions for a snack if I needed one and  my clean meal for dinner.

The benefits of this particular cleanse for me were many but primarily I noticed an increase in my alertness or “clarity” as well as I my clothes fitting better and an overall increased feeling of well-being

Do yourself a favor, invest your time with Ingo and his incredible program and you’ll have more time to invest in life!!!

Name:Terry Johnson
Occupation: President of Direction 180
Hometown: Union, KY - USA
By following Ingo’s recipe(s) and nutritional advice over the last two years, I feel the best I have in over 20 years. I now have an appreciation for “real” foods, have developed a knowledge base around food that is easy to implement and get back to; all without a lot of stress. We are living in a very stressful time in our world’s history. Your health, fitness and nutritional needs shouldn’t add to that! We all need energy and clarity of mind in order to be our very best during these crazy days.
As the saying goes…..”Most of us spend more time planning a two week vacation than in planning and taking care of our lives”
Returning to work in a hospital environment enabled me to have a normal life again.
After 5 months I had lost fifteen pounds through exercise and better food choices. Being in the over 40 age category has its own challenges with getting in shape and  ultimately I had hit a plateau with my weight loss.

That is when I heard about the Gratitude Cleanse. The idea of this type of program was quite familiar to me. In the past I have done an annual Master Cleanse. Prior to a Hawaiian vacation last  year I tried to loose 21 pounds in as many days. Sound too good to be true? Well I  only made it to day 14 and 12 pounds lighter. Half that weight I put back on during my  trip. The crux of the matter was I learned nothing about better food choices.

What I really appreciated with the Gratitude Cleanse is that it satisfied me both physically
and spiritually. My eyes were opened to the beauty of the every day events in my life.
I became more present in my life. People began noticing a change in my behavior and
appearance. I did The Urban Cleanse for a week then switched to The Get Your Body Back in 14 Day Cleanse. My hunger was satisfied as long as I kept drinking the vegetable drinks every few hours. The soups were great tasting and filling along with being enjoyable to make. Chopping vegetables, juicing and making healthy soups really renewed my appreciation for cooking.

During the first week I was able to continue my exercise routine in addition to getting a
wonderful massage. My acupuncturist, along with my regular treatment, added cupping to my back to further release additional toxins. A series of 3 consecutive closed system colonics further added toxin removal along with speeding up my weight loss. My skin was glowing and noticeable softer. Not only did my energy level increase but finally my
sugar cravings decreased. I have had joint pain, tendonitis and connective tissue
problems for the majority of my life. In the first month, much of my discomfort had diminished.

Currently I am in my second month of living by the Gratitude Cleanse. I still drink meal
replacements in the morning and for lunch. Also enjoy many of the vegetable drinks on a daily basis, especially the spinach mojito. For the most part I eat organically. Never have been fanatical personality, so I still enjoy an evening out with friends and eat responsibly.
I look forward to the day I reach my goal weight. In the meantime I am enjoying everyday and actually look forward to my many different workouts; everything from running, yoga, pilates, zumba and belly dancing. My energy level is amazing. I am so glad I made the commitment to a life change. Hope you can too.

Name: Diane S
Occupation: Nurse/ Actress
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

First Labrat! July 2010

Email I Recieved August 2010

" I'm REALLY Loving it though, it's so GREAT!!!  Interesting that you put that Maya Angelou quote in the beginning, the one about "Once YOU know better you DO better!"  The contents of your book makes me want to do BETTER because it shows me HOW to!!! "

Name:Ciyndi K,
Occupation Sales
Hometown: Vista, California
"See What All The Fuss Is About...
Here's Just A Small Sample Of The Raving Testimonials I've Received... Reporting
Amazing Results That Changed People's Lives, Health, and lifestyle
The slippery slope to my weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle was when I became an assistant medical technical advisor for a major network television show. Behind the  scenes in Hollywood is anything but glamorous.

Stress, long hours and poor eating choices are the norm for production and crew members who average a 12 to 14 hour  work day. Forget about having the time or energy to work out. The mortality rate is extremely high in this profession if you even make it to retirement. So when I was  released from my contract it ended up being the most fortuitous event in my life.