Humanity was once the tip of the evolutionary-sword; we created safety and security among the bests of nature; we learned to live in harmony, and we had respect for all life, as so beautifully depicted in many native philosophies of life. Today, we have pocket sized computer phones, can traverse the world in rapid transit, feed ourselves with fast food, are too tired to think clearly and care for ourselves effectively. 

Our inability to focus on the essentials in our lives has led to dangerous abuse of each other, of medical drugs, and of technology at large.

Though there is a MOUNTAIN of health information available to all of us with the click of a button, it isn't helping because the best information is simple, and in a complex (mind-based) society, we don't value the simple.

The result..., we have more medical, exercise, and health therapists of all types per-capita, yet we are the sickest people in history.  Our doctors and therapists at large are no healthier than their "students". This is a dangerous formula for those with the intention of cultivating health and well-being in their lives.

I have spent the last 26 years of my life as a Holistic Health Practitioner, traveling the world and teaching people, through my own example, how simply and effectively health can be experienced. Thousands of times, I've looked at diet logs (even those of certified Nutritionists and Dietitians!), and there was no water being consumed; there was no whole food being consumed; there was piles of mega-vitamins and so-called "performance foods".

All the while, they are seeing me because their bodies are getting fat and falling apart... So, naturally, I say things like, "I see here that you are not drinking any quality water on a day-to-day basis", or, "I see you are eating primarily packaged, preserved, chemically treated foods".

The most common reply I get when informing people of the necessity of basics like water and real food is, "I know that ...but what can you do to help me?” I have to remind them that just because you have an idea in your head does NOT mean you "know it".

You "know" something when you live it, and do it in a way that produces desirable results. I remind them that if they knew the basic things I teach, they would not be here in my office paying me lots of money to help them heal from what they know!

This beautiful e-Book Ingo Logé has offered us is simple, effective, and integrative of essential body, mind and spiritual truths that anyone can do easily, every day. If you follow the simple blueprints in this book, you are highly unlikely to have to sit in another office like mine, telling me or a doctor that "you know", because in health, you WILL KNOW.

Not only is that a peaceful experience and a place of true safety and security, it is your offering to the world, which we must all begin healing one person at a time - starting with ourselves.

By following the advice in this book, you will begin to know well-being right away. People will notice. People will watch. To the degree that your love - your health and well-being shines forth, you become the silent lover and the silent teacher for all. So the pressure to help fix the world ends when you rekindle your self-love and share that by simply living the dream of "being healthy".  Start where you sit now and the rest will take care of itself. 

Stay present; avoid skipping any chapters, this will insure that you fully comprehend intent, and the lesson, of this unique cleansing practice.

May we all become whole as individuals, and share the fruits of that together. What else could the divine possibly want for its off-spring?

Paul Chek
Founder, C.H.E.K Institute
Founder, PPS Success Mastery Program (Who is Paul Chek?)

Paul Chek Thank You So Much for Writing the Forward

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Forward By Paul Chek